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Weekly Newsletter: starting 30 June 2024



Unshackled Faith

Solemnity of Ss Peter and Paul

The common thread weaving these readings together is the message of unyielding faith in God's deliverance and the security of divine protection.


Acts 12:1-11 unfurls the story of Peter, who, despite being ensnared by prison chains, is miraculously freed by an angel. This narrative paints a vivid tableau of God's intervention and, more subtly, the power of prayer. It serves as a testament to how steadfast faith can orchestrate deliverance, even from seemingly insurmountable predicaments. The chains that bind Peter could be seen as a symbol for the trials that test our faith, reminding us that no hurdle is too great with divine intervention.


The Responsorial Psalm is a heartfelt proclamation of trust in God's promise of unshackling us from our fears. It echoes the psalmist's deep-rooted faith and unshakeable belief in divine intervention, reinforcing the recurring motif of faith as our sanctuary.


In 2 Timothy 4:6-8, 17-18, we encounter Paul's poignant testament given at the twilight of his life. He characterizes his life as a "good fight" and a "race," metaphors denoting his evangelistic journey. Despite being besieged by hardships, he clung to his faith, seeing it as a race towards eternal glory. This emphasizes the theme of enduring belief and divine fortification.


Matthew 16:13- 19, the Gospel passage, offers a dialogue where Peter acknowledges Jesus as the Messiah. This constitutes a pivotal moment in his spiritual journey. In response, Jesus recognizes Peter's fervor and designates him as the cornerstone of His Church. This narrative highlights the transformative potency of faith and the divine privilege bestowed upon those who truly believe.


These selected readings weave a compelling faith, deliverance, and divine protection narrative. They serve as an anchorage, reminding us to remain steadfast in our faith. When we encounter trials and tribulations, it is this faith and trust in God that will guide us towards deliverance.

Photo: Fr. Viktor


Each reading underscores Saint Peter’s and Saint Paul’s enduring faith, resilience in the face of adversity, and their roles as pillars of the early Church. The miracles, Divine interventions, and confessions of faith that emerge in these readings extend beyond mere stories. They are vivid demonstrations of the rewards of unwavering faith and are central to our understanding and appreciation of the journeys of these two great saints. As we commemorate their lives and contributions to our faith, let us hold steadfast in our belief, even amidst trials. In doing so, we celebrate the indomitable spirit of faith that they embodied, which continues to resonate within us all, guiding our spiritual journey today.


Family Connections:

Consider a time when your family faced a challenging situation. How did you come together as a family to overcome this? How can you incorporate this spirit of trust in God and resilience into your family's daily life? How can your faith serve as a beacon of hope during difficult times?



Embrace us, O Lord, in our trials; Strengthen and guide us.


- Fr. Viktor, RCJ


Mass Readings:

1st Reading: Acts 12:1-11

Responsorial Psalm: From all my terrors the Lord set me free.

2nd Reading:  2 Timothy 4:6-8,17-18

Gospel: Matthew 16:13-19


Youth Encounter Organizers’ Meeting

Monday, 1 July, 6.00 pm, Sacristy


Baptism Seminar Schedule

Baptism Seminars for parents of children up to 6 years old.

Saturday, [Details to be announced].

To register, please email your name and the name and age of your child to:


A 3 bedroomed house to rent, preferably within St Heen’s parish.

Please contact

Joyce    07424403254

Pro-Life Rosary

Daily rosary in the chapel after Mass with pro-life rosary Wednesday and Friday. adoration & recitation of the rosary with exposition in the chapel 10-45-1145am. Fridays only.

First Saturday rosary

11am includes consecration of families to Our Lady. 


Permanent diaconate - Come and See event, Eastwood

There will be a Come and See event with Bishop Alan for those considering a vocation to the permanent diaconate on Saturday 6th July at St Peter's Catholic Church, 59 Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea, SS9 4BX.  The day begins with Mass in the church at 10.00am and will end after lunch by around 2.30pm.  Please circulate this to any men you are aware of who may be considering a vocation to the permanent diaconate, or anyone else you think may be interested in this.  Wives of potential applicants are invited and encouraged to attend.  You are also more than welcome to come.  Please send any queries regarding this event to  Booking is not necessary, and there is no charge for the event.


Visitation of the National Pilgrim Virgin Statue (NPVS)

of Our Lady of Fatima and the Relics of Saints Jacinta & Francisco to St Teresa of the Child Jesus, Rochford SS4 IRF. 6-7 July 2024

Saturday, 6 July 2024 (1:00 PM) a first Saturday:Procession and Enthronement of the PVS of Our Lady of Fatima and the Relics of Saints Francisco and Jacinta. Recitation and meditation of the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

Veneration (individual) of the Relics of Saints Jacinta andFrancisco

Divine Mercy Chaplet Enrolment and Investiture of the Brown Scapular

Vigil Mass(Followed by the Act of Consecration of the Parish to the Immaculate Heart of Mary)

Sunday, 7 July 2024 (10:00 AM).

Recitation and meditation of the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary Holy Mass

Veneration (individual) of the Relics of Saints Jacinta andFrancisco

We invite everyone to join us with this great opportunity to live and spread the hopeful Message of Fatima. Hope to see you. Ave Maria!

Coffee Morning

Children’s Liturgy Team

We are having a coffee morning on Sunday 7th July after the 9.30 mass, to celebrate our final week's Liturgy of the school year and raise funds to help with our supplies. There will be coffee, tea, squash and cakes. 

- from Louise, Liz, Julia and Bernie

Parish Anniversary Organizers’ Meeting

10th July is the organiser's meeting for our 155-year parish anniversary at 06.00 PM in the Small Hall.

We will request 2 or 3 representatives from each organization we have in the parish.

CWL, FIHM, LOM, Altar Servers Group, Music Ministry, Tuesday Club, Tamil Community, Knanaya Catholic Malayalam Community, and Filipino Community.

BCCS Charity Tribute Night featuring ABBA Chique

Brentwood Catholic Children’s Society is pleased to host their first Charity Tribute Night featuring ABBA Chique at the Mill Hall Arts & Events Centre in Rayleigh on Friday 12th July from 7.30 to 11pm.  Please spread the word among friends and family, join them at this special anniversary event and get ready to dance and sing along to your favourite ABBA hits! Tickets cost £20 plus a small booking fee and can be purchased via Eventbrite  

Please keep your e-ticket to show on entry to the venue. All details can be found on the BCCS website: 

If you have any questions about the event, please email Julie

Dates for your diary……

Youth Encounter Gathering

13-14 July

Confirmation Day

20 July

155th Anniversary of Saint Helen’s Church, Westcliff-on-Sea

17-18 August

Please consider offering help…..

…Your Parish needs You!

To ensure your safety and compliance with our legal obligations, we require volunteers from the congregation for each mass service to assist us with the evacuation of the church in the event of a fire. Volunteers will be provided with fire safety training for this role, which comprises what actions to take in the event of a fire, which is to successfully evacuate the church and aid those who may have limited mobility.


We cannot do this without your help, so please volunteer today!

Pilgrimage to Fatima

From 11th to 15th Oct 2024

£ 855.00 Operated by Special Pilgrimages ‘Christian Tours’ For Inquiries, please contact:

Salvatore Burzotta 07753 203129

Sacrament of Confirmation:

Invitation to Join Our Catechist Team

Our parish is seeking enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers to join our team of catechists. Whether you are experienced or new to catechesis, your contribution will be invaluable in guiding and nurturing the faith journey of our community members.

To equip you for this role, we are organizing a special training session led by one of our parishioners, Carmel Allen, an experienced catechist and educator.

If you feel called to this ministry or would like to learn more, please approach Fr. Alex.

Friendship Club!

🌟 Join the Friendship Club of St. Helen's Parish in Westcliff! 🙌🏼 Discover meaningful connections and laughter every Tuesday, 11.00am-02.00pm at the Parish Hall.

All are welcome! ❤️



🌿 Got Green Fingers?🌱 Be a part of something beautiful at St. Helen's Parish in Westcliff. Join our team of volunteer gardeners and help cultivate a serene oasis. 🌸🌼


No Bubble Gum in the Church

Out of respect for our sacred space, bubble gum is prohibited within the Church premises. I appreciate your cooperation.

- A friendly reminder from the dedicated volunteer cleaners of Saint Helen’s Westcliff

St. Helen’s Cleaners

Join the group chat to get the weekly schedule of volunteer cleaners.

St Helen’s Minibus Service

For parishioners of Saint Helen’s with mobility problems and wanted to attend the 11:30am Sunday Mass; - For those who are interested to join the team of volunteers, please contact Ray Newman on Tel. No.: 07775 769826

Many thanks to all who support the maintenance of our Parish Minibus. If you know anyone who needs a lift to church to 11.30 Mass, please let the office know and it will be handed on to Ray Newman.


Sacramental Services

·  For Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals, please email our parish office or get in touch with any of the priests.

·  Marriage Preparations: Couples who are planning to get married in or outside the parish should contact the parish office at least six (6) months in advance.

·  The Sacrament of Reconciliation: Thursdays 10:45-11:25am; Saturdays 11:15-11:50am or approach the priest to get an appointment.

·  The Sacrament of the Sick: Please contact the parish office for requests about visiting the housebound / Care Home residents.

Masses at Saint Helen’s

Weekday Masses: 10:00AM

Saturday Mass: 12:00NN

Sunday Mass: 09:30AM / 11:30AM / 06:00PM

2nd Mass on Holy Days: 07:00PM

No Mass on Mondays

Mass Intentions

For Any Mass Intentions, please see the priests or call them during office hours (Tuesdays to Fridays 9-1pm) Tel. No.: 01702 342324 


Mass Intention Envelopes are available Mass Intentions are published in the parish newsletter (available for collection). It is also posted via Facebook Page of the Parish.

Tamil Catholic Community Donation

We would like to acknowledge the donation of £600.00 from the Tamil Catholic Chaplaincy, Southend-on-Sea. Your contribution to St Helen’s parish funds means really a lot. Our appreciation also to the leadership of Carmen Hubert and Jaygan Navaratnam and to Fr. Elmo Jeyarasa, the chaplain of the Tamil community

100 club draws

 February: F Cassar £20, E Campling £15, D Cauchi £10

 March: S Baillie £30, M Davis £20, L Upsher £15, C Allen £10

Offertory June 2024

Bankers Orders / Standing Orders

Loose plate: £

Gift Aid: £

Contactless: £

[Not available]

Contactless Giving

No cash? Give your donations using your card. Look for the one in-charge of the parish’s card reader and get a receipt on the go or visit the parish website.

Gift Aid

Collection Envelopes 2024

If you are a tax paying parishioner making a gift to the parish, for example putting money in the collection, the Inland Revenue aids us by refunding the tax.

For every £1 you donate we can claim a 25p refund; £1 becomes £1.25 for the Parish.

Our Parish has to pay its own way, what we collect in the Offertory collection plate no longer covers our overhead costs, so the Gift Aid Scheme is our financial lifeline.

The new financial year starts on 6th April so please pick up your new box at the back of the church and check that we have your correct address.

Equally important, if you are a taxpayer and not in the scheme and would like to join and help the Parish please complete a Declaration Form which will be available for you to collect from the back of the church.

If you any further questions please contact

John Upsher phone 01702 347369.

Gift for Saint Helen’s Church

Please consider Saint Helen’s Catholic Church as part of charity in your will. For more information, see the parish priest.

Enhancing security

Saint Helen's Westcliff implements 24/7 CCTV surveillance across its premises.  Notices alert parishioners to the system's presence for heightened safety.

The initiative aims to deter threats and ensure a secure environment for worshippers and visitors alike.


30 June – Sunday

09.30 am – Children’s Liturgy 01.00 pm – Baptism


1 July – Monday


2 July – Tuesday

11.00am-02.00pm – Friendship Club

06.00-07.30pm – Bible Study


3 July – Wednesday


4 July – Thursday

07.00 pm – Legion of Mary Meeting (Sacristy)

(For home visits, please get in touch with the parish)


5 July – Friday

10.30 am – FIHM Adoration and Pro-life Rosary (Presbytery Chapel)

03.00-04.00 pm – Divine Mercy Devotion (Presbytery Chapel)

07.00 pm – Perpetual Novena to Sto Niño (Presbytery Chapel)


6 July – Saturday

11.00-11.50 am – Adoration organized by FIHM

11.15-11.50 am – Confession

01.00 pm - Confirmation Rehearsal


7 July – Sunday

09.30 am – Last Children’s Liturgy for the School Year


Note:        Recitation of the Holy Rosary at the small chapel after the weekday Masses.

30 June- Sun, Ss Peter and Paul, Ap Solemnity  (Red)       

09.30am –For the Rogationist Congregation

11.30am –For +Gerry Donaghy

06.00pm –For the parishioners’ intentions


2 July – Tue, Feria (Green)    

10.00am – For Rev. Edward Littleton (Fdn.Mem.); Thanksgiving for Karl’s Health;

for Fiddy Whitehead  


3 July – Wed, S. Thomas, Apostle, Feast (Red)

10.00am – For Sidney George White and Louise White (Fdn.Mem.)

4 July – Thu, Feria (Green)

10.00am – For Holy Souls


5 July – Fri, Feria (Green)

10.00am – For babies in danger of abortion


6 July – Sat, Feria (Green)

12.00nn – For the Family of the Immaculate Heart of Mary


7 June – Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Green)    

09.30am –For the Rogationist Congregation

11.30am –For +Angela Meads

06.00pm –For the parishioners’ intentions

The Holy Father’s intention for July

For the pastoral care of the sick

We pray that the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick confer to those who receive it and their loved ones the power of the Lord and become ever more a visible sign of compassion and hope for all.


To receive daily Gospel reflections directly to your inbox, please subscribe.

St Helen, pray for us!

Send, O Lord, Holy Apostles, into Your Church!

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