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What is the Supplica to the Eternal Father in the Name of Jesus?

The celebration of the Holy Name of Jesus, a Feast celebrated according to the Rogationist tradition, invites us to deeply reflect on the power and significance of invoking Jesus' name in prayer. Jesus assures us of being heard by the Father when we pray in His name, highlighting the intimate relationship between the Father and the Son and, by extension, our relationship with God through Jesus.

Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia, founder of the Rogationist Congregation, recognized the name of Jesus not just as a symbol of our faith but a direct path to divine mercy and grace. Saint Hannibal Mary emphasized the transformative power of Jesus' name, which brings light into darkness, offers hope in despair, and opens the heart to the reality of God's love and compassion. This profound devotion encompasses a twofold aspect: thanksgiving and petition.

Thanksgiving invites us to recognize and appreciate the boundless mercy and grace we receive by calling on the name of Jesus. It's an acknowledgment of the blessings bestowed upon us, both seen and unseen, and a celebration of the personal relationship we are invited to share with God through Jesus. Saint Hannibal Mary saw in the Holy Name a reason for constant gratitude, a reminder of God's closeness and willingness to enter into the details of our existence with love and care.

Petition, on the other hand, highlights our reliance on divine providence and the strength we derive from invoking Jesus' name in moments of need. It is an act of faith, demonstrating our trust in Jesus' promise that whatever we ask the Father in His name will be granted. This aspect of devotion emphasizes our dependence on God's infinite goodness and our confidence in His loving response to our deepest yearnings and challenges.

The devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus is a practice of thanksgiving, where we celebrate the presence and action of God in our lives, and a practice of petition, where we open our hearts to the transformative power of Jesus' name in every aspect of our existence. Saint Hannibal Mary’s emphasis on the Holy Name as a beacon of hope and a source of spiritual renewal invites us to a deeper, more meaningful engagement with our faith, where every invocation is both a thank you and a plea, a moment of communion with the divine.

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