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Celebrating 100 years of Catholic Women’s League in Westcliff Parish

Author: Elizabeth Upsher

The inaugural meeting was held at Westcliff-on-Sea parish, St Helen’s, on 24th October 1922

The Chair was taken by Canon McKenna, who, introducing Lady Petre, the Diocesan President, spoke warmly in favor of the Catholic Women’s League (C.W.L.). The President then gave an excellent address and followed Miss Balfer, who explained the many workings of the League. Fr Gilbert of Leigh and Fr Cameron of Shoeburyness both spoke warmly of the good the C.W.L. could do in a parish.

From that date, Sections were duly opened in Southend (Westcliff, Leigh, Southchurch, and Shoeburyness).

During the 1930s, there was a Junior Section of the League in Westcliff – these sections closed and were not re-opened after the War.

The Section today continues to support the parish in all areas of parish life, raising funds for charities at home and abroad, supporting our priests and our community in Southend, and praying and socializing together. We also work as part of the national group upholding the Christian voice in this ever-changing world.

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